Will Gittens Live at WITS

It was an honour to be involved in such an event for our public launch. AWAKE has been in the works for a long time, with an incredible team putting in work day and night to make everything happen. This was particularly true in the last two weeks when our team was balancing the organisation of the AWAKE Presents… Will Gittens & MarazA concert at WITS University, while producing four original tracks and music videos. We had set ourselves an ambitious task, which would not have been possible without the resilience of every member of this team. 

Moreover, to have such a range of special guests honour us by attending our public launch event was a true privilege. We would like to thank Miss Ndileka Mandela and Swami Purnachaitanya for sharing wise words about the importance of finding oneself and the techniques to do so on stage with us and the university crowd. Coupling these speeches about the issues of the world and how one services the planet with the incredible live performances by Will Gittens, MarazA, thepenpointguard and producedbyJR made for an incredible show. The WITS university crowd and our team were moved by the first-ever live performance of their four socially conscious tracks and it left the crowd wanting the videos and more. We cannot wait to get these out to the public in the near future.

Finally, it was an honour to have had the opportunity to introduce AWAKE alongside the talent and knowledge that joined us on stage. It was important to share a sentiment that already exists among youth globally that are frustrated by the severity of the issues that exist in the world today. It was incredible to see the responses from the crowd who interacted with our website to inform us of the biggest problems they see with the planet today and we are excited to be working with them to try and find solutions to act upon this. Most of all, it is truly a pleasure to share that AWAKE has begun and you can get involved now. To check out pictures from our event or find out more about the project, check out our new website and socials and get in touch. Only together are the youth going to fix these problems. It has to start now.

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