Will Gittens

Will Gittens has landed in SA.

After listening to Weak on a loop the night before, today was the day that I got to meet the talented man himself, Will Gittens along with his brother and producer, Junior and his manager, Mic Lovay as well as singer songwriter, Breland. After all my attempts to collect my thoughts, my first impression was, wow! Will Gittens is tall but of course that is entirely beside the point.

Having had a welcoming braai with the team on their arrival in Johannesburg, Will got to chatting about some of the plans and ideas that he has for his two-week stay in South Africa before heading back home, which include some very interesting collaborations with local hit making musicians and a show at Wits University. Additionally, Gittens will be working with Awake in creating a number of new songs accompanied by fresh music videos that are socially conscious and speak to Will’s passion to promote positivity. All I have to say is, there’s much to be excited about when it comes to Will Gittens and quite frankly, I’m reeling with excitement. Not only to work with him, but also to see the work that comes out of his time in South Africa.

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