The Launch of the Awakening EP

Finally, after almost a year since hosting Will Gittens, his brother JR and artist/songwriter Breland and at a time where the whole world is on lockdown due to a global pandemic, we decided it was the perfect time to launch the four songs that Will and his team recorded. The effort that was put in by both Will’s team and AWAKE’s team definitely paid off to create the Awakening EP; they’re four of the best songs that I’ve ever heard, addressing important world issues with each song falling under each of AWAKE’s four content categories. As this was to be AWAKE’s first ever music release, we thought Awakening would be an appropriate name for the EP. 

Before finally releasing the songs almost two weeks ago now (link here: ), we decided to create a documentary about the meaning behind each song in the EP, with Will, his brother JR and our very own Eashan talking about the project and Will’s time in Johannesburg with us. You can watch it at the bottom of this page.

 We then completed the music video for Ashes, and premiered it with Will, live on his Instagram story. The video, along with some interviews of Will and Eashan discussing the project are now playing on various TV channels in Africa, and you might be able to catch the song playing on radio in South Africa as well. The video addresses important issues relating to the terrible state that our planet is in, but also incorporates hope that we can come together and create a better world. We were able to incorporate footage demonstrating these ideas and combine it with footage that we shot of Will dancing in an amazing desert rocky location in Johannesburg. You can also find this music video on our YouTube channel: AWAKE MVMT.

Lastly, just two days ago, we released the lyric video for Dollar, the fourth track on the EP, featuring Maraza. The video is an animation, that demonstrates ideas present in the song – the crazy things that people are willing to do for money, and how our society is driven by accumulation. 

There are very few things i am as proud of as the work that we put in as a team to launch this project. I would yet again like to thank Will, his brother JR and Breland for the hard work that they put in to create this EP for AWAKE and hope that we’ll be able to create even more songs together for the movement in the future. 

I’ve had the songs on repeat since they were first created and now that they’re out on all streaming platforms, it’s even easier for me to do so and I can also share the tracks with my friends. The meaning behind the songs is so relevant at a time like this, so let’s hope that the beautiful melodies and lyrics can act as a call to action for everyone who listens and bring people together to grow our movement to create a better world.


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