Raool’s Visit

Only a week prior to our new 8-week programme intake, our team had the opportunity to host international rapper Raool for a week. Raool, primarily a Gujarati and Punjabi rapper from London and Australia, put together a track called “Take Down All the Walls” with help from local producer Young 2unn and our in house sound engineer Owl. 

The track is very energetic, involving themes of separation, calling on everyone to almost use brute force to create a new world void of divide. As a result, it was necessary that the video match this energy. We created a concept which out of the ordinary did not have a particular storyline. We wanted an energetic dance video with Raool literally smashing down walls. On Saturday, we then used a large property under construction to shoot the music video. This involved building real walls and then getting Raool to smash them down alongside dancers.

We still have yet to record in one feature rap verse and a scene for this in the music video but the majority of the shoot was completed on Saturday. At the end of his very busy week, Raool also managed to shoot a video for our clothing line, just before catching his flight on the Sunday.

It was a pleasure hosting Raool, even if the time did go by really fast, but we’re looking forward to the end product of “Take Down All the Walls” as well as all the collaborations in the future.

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