A Better Future.

If there’s one thing that people my age don’t like to think about too much, it’s the future. As a result, it often seems like things will just continue to be as they have been. How could tomorrow, and all the days after that, be any different?

At AWAKE, we’re trying to imagine a future that looks a lot different than the world we live in today. Thinking about these things is important, because if they keep going the way they’ve been going, we humans may manage to be our own downfall.

I’ve been working on a video series about our climate and its present and future state of catastrophe. I’ve been thinking a lot about the ways in which our lives won’t look anything like the lives of our parents, or any of our ancestors. We’re driving into the future without a map, and we desperately need to know where we’re going.

It’s up to those who will live in this future to chart a path through it. Hopefully, it will be a path that arcs toward justice and emancipation, rather than devastation and separation. How do we get there? The answers won’t be simple. It’s up to us to find them.

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