Music Releases

During lockdown, when we decided to finally share the music that we had been making over the last year with the world, it brought us all great joy. The time and effort we had spent perfecting each track and music video, not to mention the memories of hosting each of the artists and working with them to create a brilliant end product, all contributes towards our attachment to all of the AWAKE tracks. A big part of what we do is not only to make socially conscious music with any old artist, but to get each artist to understand what the movement stands for while they are staying with us, to the point where they understand that we need a revolution of consciousness if the world is truly going to heal and to the point where they actively care about spreading the movement without any prompting from our side. 

Some artists that we work with already understand the vision and that is what drives them to want to work with us but others learn about AWAKE while staying with us and interacting with our team first hand. When it comes to finally releasing the music that we’ve made together, it serves as a way to spread the vision of AWAKE. Music has the power to really reach people’s souls and through the socially conscious messages that our music discusses, we can really change people’s mindsets for the better. In order for the music to have the desired effect, we need it to reach as many listeners and viewers as possible, which is why I invite all of you to share the music if it resonates with you. Even if you have no connection to the movement or the artist whatsoever, even if the artist is of a genre completely different to what you are known to listen to by your friends, it’s the message behind the music that needs spreading. 

One artist that really resonated with the vision of AWAKE from the beginning, along with his team, was Will Gittens. The Awakening EP that he eventually released with us contain four of the best songs that any of us have ever heard. Since they were first recorded we’ve been playing them on loop around the house, in car journeys and for some of us even in the shower! Now that they’ve been released on streaming platforms, we listen to them even more than before, especially because we can now share them with friends and family. Here’s a clip of an interview that Will did with SABC about the release of the EP.

We have many more songs left to release and intend to create even more music very soon. Some you will see and hear over the next few weeks, but others will be saved for the release of our app, so stay tuned for that and make sure to download it.

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