Ms. Ndileka Mandela’s Visit

It was a complete surprise and incredible honour to have Ms. Ndileka Mandela visit our offices today. During her visit, our team was extremely excited to show the progress we have made on several content avenues. Our team were engaged in one of our daily brainstorms to share ideas and assist one another in finding solutions to how we deliver certain content pieces in a manner that is both innovative and effective in evoking emotion in our youth target audience. 

Valavan was running a brainstorm that found interesting strategies as to how we spark debate about our consumption habits as a generation, especially with regard to the many products we already know to be bad for our health but consume because of the culture we are around. Pooja and Sahil raised points about the drinking culture in universities in the United Kingdom, and how binge drinking has almost become a necessity to having fun in social situations, particularly clubbing. This was ridiculed when reflecting on their personal experiences at university. They questioned how people would react to having a hangover, with regard for their medical health, if it was not an accepted aspect of the drinking culture. Tristan raised questions about the culture of youth porn addictions before they have experienced much, if any, romance or relationships and how this impacts gender roles from a young age. This was all part of a wider conversation about why we consume elements such as alcohol, fast food, video games, pornography, meat and tobacco. 

In displaying other content pieces we are currently working on, Magali previewed her cartoon series on renewable energy sources and what we don’t get told by TV series and schools when they preach about their benefits. Tristan shared his upcoming documentary about school experiences across the world and how the structure of institutions and the curriculum shapes students’ experience by interviewing students from around the world and right here in Soweto. Saket shared an edit of the event video that will be released soon that displays the various speeches and performances given at WITS University on 28th July, one of which was given by Ms. Mandela herself and was a great privilege. The work she has been doing with the Leading like Mandela foundation is truly inspirational. We are excited for her involvement in AWAKE and to be working with her to deliver a platform that can create a real movement of young leaders.

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  1. It is inspiring to see Awake come alive. It has been a long time coming, and very much needed as the world continues its rapid shift towards an awakened state in which we again remember where we came from. Much love and kudos to Dipesh and team.

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