Meet our Sound Engineer!

Here I am in the Awake studios one moment working on voice-overs and the next on awesome new original music. The voice-overs are written and spoken by passionate, erudite interns probing our world in order to address the massive challenges facing us and help create, and embed themselves in, the solutions we so desperately need as a planet.

The original song I am working on is written by a young programme member who also just happens to be an amazing song writer. To be surrounded by and working with such talent and passion is truly inspiring! Yet, three weeks ago I was thundering along in my own studio on my own music and video projects. Through a turn of events that were truly synchronous I met the Awake team and decided within a very short time that I wanted to be a part of whatever they were about – so I closed down my business to work with Awake. Although I now know more about Awake my first impulse to work with the team was based purely on gut instincts, on who they were as people and the fire I could sense in them.

I knew that Awake, and the young people central to energising Awake and its vision, was going to make a positive difference to our planet, and I wanted to be a part of that. So here I am having my whole world turned upside down thoroughly enjoying the ride!

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