Intellectual Activism

As you’ve probably noticed if you frequently visit our website to read the AWAKE blog posts, there’s a new section of our website called Intellectual Activism Series. This is referring to what is going to be a large part of the content on our app created by AWAKE. It’ll consist of videos like those making up the Let’s Change Our World series. The inspiration behind the Let’s Change Our World series came from the coronavirus lockdown. Many AWAKE operations had to come to a standstill and we were stuck indoors not able to shoot original footage or bring artists together to create music. We wanted to show the world the implications of the lockdown and get people thinking about what could have been the reason for it to have come about, if it hadn’t been a naturally occurring virus. From the first three or four episodes that were mainly focused on coronavirus, we decided to take things a step further and discuss wider issues related to the global financial system, separation, war and wealth divide. The concept is very simple, using just stock footage and voice to illustrate the message we are trying to communicate. 

The series is about to come to a close, with the fifteenth part of the series on “Consciousness” due to be released early next week. 

But we are not stopping there. This is just one of many intellectual activism series that we plan to create and share with the world and it acts as an introduction. There is no end to the content that we can create of this nature – everyday the media releases new stories, new headlines, new studies, and communicates them with their own biases and agendas. It’s going to happen naturally when there are only a couple of people at the top that control all media organisations in the world. If you think a little deeper, then you will begin to realise and understand that there is more to the story than what meets the eye. Our intellectual activism series are there to help you to see through the agendas and biases and figure out what is really going on and why our world has become what it is today.

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