Hennops River Clean-Up

On Thursday 10th October, some members of our team went down to Centurion in order to clean up the Hennops River. We joint forces with an organisation called ARMOUR (Action for the Responsible Management of Our Rivers), who do regular river clean-ups around Johannesburg with many volunteers from different backgrounds.

It was personally a brand new experience for me to participate in such an activity. Seeing the huge difference that can be made by a group of people with a goal coming together on one day was inspiring. A lot of rubbish was shifted out of the river, which included plastic bottles, glass bottles, deodorant bottles and even golf balls. Clearly a lot of work is still needed to make a significant difference to the river, but both ARMOUR and AWAKE have faith that the Hennops River can become what it once was – a beautiful part of nature and a place for many South African children to come and spend their weekends, either kayaking through the water, or simply watching the water fountain light shows.

 In fact, this is an activity that members of our team will regularly take part in, because it is so clearly what AWAKE stands for. If we want a better world, we have to set the example and get our hands dirty. 

During our time at the river, we also managed to shoot some scenes for our upcoming AWAKE Trailer. The story-line shows the user journey through first encountering the AWAKE movement and I can’t wait to see the end product of the video once Saket has put it all together.

There is always a lot to look forward to when being a part of AWAKE, especially as someone who is privileged enough to dedicate their life to it. But for me there is nothing more exciting than going into the community first hand and getting involved in making a change. Since working on building the Youth Project Foundation, it has always been making an impact that has motivated me. AWAKE has brought making an impact to a whole new level but while waiting for the fruits of the debates that our content creates, growing service projects in smaller communities is something that will be important for the contribution that AWAKE makes to society and AWAKE’s growth.

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