Music for Social Change

I’ve always found that my life fits into a hilarious dichotomy. I’m a musician who is genuinely interested in the study of politics. In my mind, politics is very much mired in the language of hate, and music is a universal language that creates love and brings people together. One of the most unique things about Awake is that it attempts to merge those two languages in the interest of creating a change. For the last several weeks I have been asked to reconsider songwriting as a tool for creating profound global change. I had never really thought about it like that. I’ve always dug deep into my personal pain when writing music – but recently, looking outward has changed my perspective on the power of melody. I’ve attempted to adopt many personas in the last five years, but the one that always sticks to me without me wanting it to is “musician”. I’ve always rejected it because I thought it was almost selfish – that I couldn’t use it to change the world the way I want to. But in the last couple weeks, I’ve been rethinking this. Maybe that truly is who I am, and maybe that’s how I’m gonna change the world.

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