Aadil’s new Interview Series

Having the task of recruiting and meeting new pre-signed up members to the AWAKE movement has been an absolute privilege. In general, I find that I enjoy meeting new people and learning about their different life journeys and perspectives on life, but this particular task has had me going even deeper, discovering the drive behind these members, the world issues they are truly passionate to their core about tackling and what they are doing right this minute as I write this to do so. 

Having attended UCL, a London based university that attracts students from around the world, many of the first few members of the AWAKE platform have come from my network there. This means that we have a diverse range of members from around the world of a variety of ages, interests and cultural backgrounds. To date, I have caught up with someone trying to tackle educational inequality by creating a free online learning environment for students, a climate activist who has created her own student-led organisation to fight climate change to simply students doing their little bit through small conversations with others to enact positive change. 

This has prompted me to create the following blog post series, where I sit and have conversations with the new pre-signed up members about what they are passionate about, what kind of things they’re doing to tackle the issues and their expectations for the upcoming AWAKE app. Stay tuned for future blog posts with inspiring young people!

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