Magali’s Reaction to the Awakening EP

Maybe it is because I had the opportunity to witness the creative process of the ‚Awakening‘ EP, but I feel like the EP really conveys that raw and passionate artistic talent and message that most of us are looking for in a musical project.

The task certainly wasn‘t easy – 4 songs in 2 weeks, plus getting some visual clips for music videos, a photoshoot and organising a whole concert, not to mention making time to show Will and his team a good time in Johannesburg. That‘s why I admire the result even more. The nights out on the town were particularly memorable, as well as the incredible trip to the lion park, where Will and Breland even sang with the lion cubs! You had to be there to realise how incredible it all was – and I was privileged enough to have been there, while being a part of the creative process as well.

As much as the AWAKE team and programme participants worked extremely hard during the two weeks, you can’t even imagine the work that Will, his brother JR and Breland had to do to produce the results that they did. Nights in the studio. Looking for inspiration in the world that surrounds us. Hard work and pure talent. Will Gittens and his team really did the impossible here. ‚Mother Earth‘ rising from the ‚Ashes‘ to just ‚Be Love‘, with a ‚Dollar‘ in its pocket (okay the dollar analogy doesn‘t really work but you get the message). The fact that Will and Breland managed to write songs that fell perfectly within the four content categories was even more remarkable.

Catchy rhythms for a better world.

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