Aadil’s Advanced Aol Course Experience

Earlier this year, in the middle of the coronavirus lockdown, I was fortunate enough to have participated in an advanced Art of Living Kriya Yoga course, with an experienced saint Swami Purnachaitanya. The purpose of these courses in general are quite simple – to raise the collective consciousness of the planet. The breathing techniques and meditation that the course teaches are invaluable for raising one’s consciousness. Mastering these techniques is said to put you in a state of mind where not only are your thoughts clear and organised but you can also see through the illusions that the media and those in power have created to control us as a population.

Before taking the course, I’d already taken part in the Art of Living beginner course, which teaches basic breathing techniques and some fundamental principles in order to stay happy in life. This course was extremely rewarding and I implement the principles that i learnt to this day in everything I do. As a result, I had high expectations for the advanced course.

We received a slightly shortened version of the course due to the coronavirus lockdown and not being able to complete it at a monastery as it would have usually been arranged. Nevertheless the course was difficult. Each day would begin at 6am and finish at around 9pm with breaks in between, while we were made to follow a vegetarian diet to benefit the most from the course. From the second day, we were also required to remain silent for the entire duration of the course, even outside of the course hours! This was not easy by any means, especially when activities were limited by the lockdown. 

A big part of the course was also meditation. For hours and hours we would sit through meditation after meditation during the course and I began to doubt its relevance. If anything the meditations just made me sleepy by the end of each day. It wasn’t until after the course that my own meditations began to feel much more effective and powerful and I started to understand that like anything meditation requires practice. If you want your meditations to become more effective, you just need to keep doing them and if you manage to maintain this you will see improvement in the quality of your meditations. 

At the same time, the course also taught me about moderation. Meditation is a form of energy recuperation and just 30 minutes a day is enough for it to take effect. In this way it’ll be easier to implement into daily life and you will get enough practice to be improving over time. 

I don’t want to spoil the course for those of you who haven’t taken it just yet, but I do recommend it to anyone who wants to learn some techniques to help still the mind and take control of their emotions. It may even help to spark some creativity in you to create some content for AWAKE. Please do get in touch if you would like to find out more about various meditation courses that you can take, even online during this current time, or if you have a content idea that you would like to create with us.


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