Coming of Angels – Finishing Touches to the Audio

Having seen behind the scenes footage and having been told stories in live time about the process behind shooting the video, I’ve often felt a bit sad that I didn’t get to be there as part of the creative process. Rushil had done such an amazing job with the song and Eashan and the team ended up putting together an incredible video (which you will hopefully see very soon!) that it is a project that we are all incredibly proud of at AWAKE. However, despite the video being finished, Rushil was not quite done with the project just yet. In fact, he had intentions to revamp the entire instrumentation of the song.

While Rushil was working on the song, we took the time out to sit with him and take record some footage of the process. It involved Rushil rearranging vocal parts, re-recording guitar, piano and even bringing in a cello player to add strings to the song.

Lydia Alonso is a local cellist that Rushil has been working with for a number of years. You can get a little sneak peak into how the recording process took place in the video below, but essentially Rushil sings some melodies to Lydia and she plays them back straight away. Lydia has perfect pitch and so it was an incredible experience watching how accurately and fast Lydia would be able to play the appropriate melodies.


I’m personally quite excited for the song to finally be completed and for the full music video to be released for everyone to watch and share. I can promise you that it’s a video that will at least touch your heart and is not to be missed.

So stay tuned!

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