Carmaux: TYP France Programme

During the last two weeks of June 2019, Valavan and I got the chance to run a two-week social entrepreneurship programme on behalf of our non-profit organisation The Youth Project in partnership with a French organisation. This programme brought young people from London and Paris together to a farm in the South of France to work on building their social enterprises with the help of workshops and various keynote speakers.

 During this two-week period Valavan and I with the help of Magali ran a two-day Awake workshop as a means of market research, generating content ideas and recruitment. The workshop consisted of various discussions around the four different content categories. Some were full on debates, while others were informal discussions in a circle and some took the form of games.

We then explained the concept of Awake to everyone and were pleased to notice the overwhelming enthusiasm from everyone to be a part of the movement in some way, whether as a brand ambassador or as a participant in our 6-week programmes. This was then followed up after the programme, where we received several applications for our summer programme and project proposals from participants.

The strong bonds built up between the participants despite the language barrier was quite remarkable and the consistent support for each-other’s social enterprises was admirable to say the least. I have no doubt that all the participants of the programme will be actively involved in Awake someday.

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