Aadil’s Interview Series: Yuki on Consumption

First in my series I met up with Yuki, a friend from back at UCL who studied the same course as me, Maths with Modern Languages. One thing I found that I had in common with Yuki besides the fact that we were on the same course is that we both wanted to leave some sort of positive impact on the world and were not happy to just settle down into some regular corporate job. Here’s what he said when I talked to him about AWAKE.

Aadil: Hi Yuki, it’s amazing that we finally have a platform to discuss pressing world issues and share them with other human beings that actually care right? Rather than the same friends who react the same way on our social media, often just scrolling past.

Yuki: I agree, in fact having travelled to so many different countries and having build friendship groups in each of them, it will be nice to share the AWAKE app with them so those who are interested can engage with my content and even create their own. Who knows, maybe I will learn something new and be inspired to take action in their issues too.

Aadil: So speaking of content, as a newly signed up member, once the app is launched, what kind of content can we look forward to on your page?

Yuki: Well, I hope to have lots of different kinds of videos on my page, I’ve always enjoyed content creation so this will be a fun new challenge. I think first and foremost i want to talk about consumption. Being from Tokyo, Japan, I see crazy consumption first hand, from fast food to fast fashion. It’s terrible how much resource we waste and what damage it does to the Earth as a result. In my opinion, even a single grain of rice makes a difference, because they add up! It’s something that is not just a habit but has been engrained into us systematically to the point where our minds are numbed to the fact that we are doing it. We’re just following the trend. Anyway, i don’t want to spoil my video but these are the kind of things I will be discussing based on my own experience.

Aadil: Amazing, thank you Yuki! To conclude, what would you say has been your favourite AWAKE video released so far?

Yuki: I’m not too sure of the name of it but the one with the rapper dancing with the little kids is really catchy. I like the beat and also the message of the song, telling us to make change little by little, like picking up litter and cleaning the ocean.

Aadil: Yes that’s Kancane Kancane by LEXLEO, I loved that one, it was so much fun to shoot as well. Anyway, was great catching up and speak to you soon Yuki!

Yuki: Bye Aadil!

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