Aadil’s Interview Series: Tanya on Black Lives Matter Movement

Next in my series, I met up with Tanya. Tanya was also a friend of mine from university, where she studied History. She has a keen interest in politics and any form of activism for justice. She decided that she wanted to create a video series on the recent Black Lives Matter movement, Having attended the protests in London, she felt as though non-black minorities needed to speak up on the matter and that AWAKE was the perfect platform for her to do so. I briefly asked her some questions when we caught up to see what she had to say.

Aadil: Hi Tanya, I’m really happy that you’ve chosen AWAKE on which to create your video series.

Tanya: Absolutely, what attracted me particularly to AWAKE, besides the fact that you offer the opportunity is that it’s about community. Yes I believe that non-black ethnic minorities need to speak out more about BLM but I can’t be the only one to do so, I want my video to encourage others to do the same and get communities from my cultural background and others to implement the suggestions that I make in my series to tackle the problems. AWAKE is a platform that was created for this purpose and i hope that others will take something away from my video series and be inspired to create their own about whatever issues they care about, as well as thinking more about the issues that I raise.

Aadil: That sounds amazing, I’m excited to see the final videos. Would you consider creating series about other topics as well? And if so, what kind of issues would they be about?

Tanya: Well I’ll probably work on this series to start with and see where it goes. I want each and every video to have impact and so I’ll focus on these for now. There are so many humanitarian issues going on in the world that need voicing but my videos will be in vain if they’re not watched and considered by others. I have a particular passion for helping people deal with their mental health and am currently working on several projects related to that, so perhaps that could form a video series in the future. I don’t know, the BLM for me was something I wanted to speak about specifically at this time because it’s something I haven’t been able to stop thinking about, particularly since George Floyd was murdered and even more so after attending the protests in London.

Aadil: I also attended some of the protests, it was great to see so much diversity amongst the protesters as well, but I guess in a city like London that should be a given. Lastly, have you been watching any of the AWAKE content recently, and if so what has been your favourite so far?

Tanya: I’ve seen some of the Let’s Change our World series which has definitely been thought-provoking, but I think the Ashes music video has been my favourite. The scenes that show the animal cruelty hit a nerve and are really powerful and the song is really great too!

Aadil: That was a great project to work on, Will and his team did an amazing job with the entire EP and the video was a perfect fit. I hope you keep watching the upcoming content and I can’t wait to see yours! Bye Tanya.

Tanya: See you later Aadil.

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