Aadil’s Interview Series: Nikhilesh on Education Systems

Nikhilesh has been a friend of mine for a number of years now, having attended school with me. I remember that he particularly enjoyed our time at school, despite sometimes getting into trouble, as any student would. He took advantage of the opportunities and resources we were given and got on well with almost everyone. He now finds himself pursuing a masters degree in engineering at a top university in London. Unsurprisingly, when presented with the opportunity to speak about a topic on AWAKE, he chose to talk about the way in which people learn. Here’s what happened when we discussed his AWAKE video:

Aadil: Hi Nikhilesh.

Nikhilesh: Hey Aadil, how’re you? 

Aadil: I’m good thanks, are you looking forward to a break this Christmas? I’ve seen that you’ve really been working hard. 

Nikhilesh: Yes to be honest during lockdown there’s only so much you can do, so even earlier I took advantage of it and knuckled down to some intense studying. That’s something I hadn’t really done for a while! 

Aadil: Yeah, I know that much! But you still love studying, I feel like you’d do another decade of school/university if you could – but why?

Nikhilesh: I don’t know about school or university, but I enjoy learning new things. Whether it’s from books or people. It’s also why I like to travel. I am fascinated by how we learn, myself in particular but also human beings, from our instincts to methods that have evolved over time. 

Aadil: I guess that’s what inspired you to create your AWAKE video script. Do you want to talk a little bit about it?

Nikhilesh: Sure, I’m not going to ruin it but it’s essentially about a new way of learning that has developed by the local authorities in a small community in India and it’s proving to be really effective. It’s giving children independence and control over when, what and how much they learn at a time and I believe the same system can be modified to work in the Western world as well. I think with the direction the world is going in – start-ups growing, coding and machine learning becoming indispensable, even working from home becoming the norm, independent learning is the key to the future. 

Aadil: Yes it really is a fascinating case study, I’m sure everyone will look forward to hearing about it when it comes out on the app. Do you have any idea what other kind of content you’ll be bringing to the app once it’s ready?

Nikhilesh: Not 100% sure but I will definitely do some more case studies on innovative education systems and will get some ideas from other people’s content as well!

Aadil: Good idea, looking forward to all that.

Nikhilesh: Me too, man.

Aadil: Great, thanks Nikhilesh. See you later.

Nikhilesh: Bye!

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