Aadil’s Interview Series: Iman on a 4 Hour Work Day

A couple of months ago while in London, I caught up with Iman, a student at the University of Birmingham currently on her placement year in industry. This placement year has not been conventional at all due to the COVID pandemic, with Work From Home measures in place for safety. I’ve known Iman for a while, since she first started volunteering with The Youth Project charity back in 2016, so I was happy to catch up with her and see how much she really had to say about her placement in the current climate. Here’s what we chatted about when I caught up with her:

Aadil: Hi Iman!

Iman: Hi Aadil, such a nice surprise to see you! 

Aadil: Great to see you too. I just wanted to catch up and see how everything’s been going. After you recorded a video for the AWAKE platform last month I wanted to see what you thought of the process and a little bit about the topic you discussed.

Iman: Sure thing! Firstly, the video making process went very well – I appreciated how easy you made the process, with the different components split up nicely, giving us the option to read our script teleprompter style or memorise parts for the camera so that we can focus on bringing out our emotions for the topic. The timeline for everything just went so smoothly and efficiently, even the final edit!

Aadil: Thanks, I guess it’s something we’ve been working on making as easy and professional as possible so that people aren’t put off by the admin that they think is involved in sharing their views with the world.

Iman: I honestly recommend it to anyone who has something to say, either about a pressing world issue or even a small innovation that could benefit the way the world works! Just take a look at what I talked about.

Aadil: Yes, I was wondering whether you could say a little something about your topic? Not too much but a brief introduction.

Iman: Sure, so I talked about the 4 Hour Work Day, which is a concept introduced by some companies to increase efficiency in the workplace. Most jobs have a sort of 9-5 structure but studies show that a very small part of this is actually productive working time. These studies suggest reducing the number of hours will increase productivity and of course general job satisfaction.

Aadil: An interesting concept for sure, I guess it’s something you think about a lot when bound to a desk during your placement year!

Iman: I couldn’t agree more, especially with the Work From Home protocol. I feel as though my video doesn’t really take that into account when considering the future of work.

Aadil: Yes, I guess going into the office to work will only be advised sparingly, both currently for safety and in the future to save money. A hot-desking style office layout will require less space and will mean that only those who are actually needed in person will have to commute to the office, while everyone else can work from home. Perhaps a rotation of office hours for employees will be administered, so that the reduced office space is always used productively.

Iman: Maybe I’ll discuss those kinds of ideas in a future video. I do have a lot more to say, you know.

Aadil: Of course, you’ll always be welcome, you were a natural on camera as well!

Iman: Thank you! 

Aadil: Anyway, it was great chatting to you and i’ll hopefully catch up with you again soon. Bye Iman.

Iman: Bye!!!

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