A World Without Lions.

It has always been my dream to travel the world and meet people. But I never really knew why. I grew up in London, went to college in California, even studied abroad in Berlin for four months. Being in Johannesburg around this team has blown my lens out of focus.


It is beyond incredible to see people come together from London, Paris, Luxembourg, the United States, Canada and South Africa to work together on on a collective vision … movements grow with people, and this first group have been invaluable in shaping what AWAKE will become.


I have the unique opportunity to work on many of my passions: media, fashion, music, technology, while exploring my spirituality and being surrounded by the most exciting young minds on the planet. 

It really is the start of something much bigger and necessary for our Earth and I don’t think I would have realized that if I wasn’t here in the beautiful city of Johannesburg.


For everyone on this team, from those of us who’ve committed our long term future to this concept and the programme participants who are getting a taste of it, it’s an exciting journey to embark on to discover this city, country and continent together.


When visiting Norcliff Towers for a music video shoot with Pragathi, I was amazed by how green this city was. I’d travelled to many a city before, and but I have genuinely seen nothing like this place. The first thing you notice from this beautiful panoramic view of the city is just how many trees there are – you can barely see the buildings. It really made me appreciate why this movement had to begin in South Africa. There’s just no better place to start a conscious revolution is such a time of natural and climate crisis.


Simple activities like climbing tries and playing with lion cubs brought me a sense of simple happiness that I had never experienced before and wanted to share with those close to be stuck in the corporate system. By far the most rewarding experience was visiting the magnificent Kruger National Park for a weekend. I was overwhelmed with emotion when witnessing four lionesses stalk and hunt a giraffe completely in the wild and it made me appreciate how rare what I was witnessing had become. Lions had roamed around Africa and even Southern Europe. Imagine Lions lived in the South of France and the South of Spain not too long ago in the grand scheme of the Earths timeline and during human existence. But we’ve destroyed their habitats and driven them to the corners of the Earth. It caused me pain to think about Lions being kept caged in places like London which is nothing like their natural habitat and Turtles being kept in tanks that are far too small and restrictive for a species who’s nature has them wanting to explore the vast ocean.  It’s just not right. After seeing these animals living naturally and visibly happier in the wild, I simply cannot sit around while we destroy their homes and treat them unjustly.


I’m ready to build AWAKE’s youth movement everywhere. To change these things. Literally, everywhere. If we sit around waiting for someone else to do it, these species won’t be around when my children are born and that’s a thought 


that I simply cannot stomach. It’s time for AWAKE to take the world by storm. It’s time to save the lions!

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